MAGF serie

MAGF series of paper band filtering machine consist of:

  • fluid tank
  • waste case
  • non-woven synthetic filter fabric (normally called filter paper)
  • driving system
  • signal system
  • reducer
  • vliquid pump

This machine can replace paper automatically, the machine stops running after the renewal of paper, then starts a new round of filter cycle. The cleaned liquid is collected in the tank, then returned to the main machine by pump.

MAGF series of paper band filter can fully clear away the various metal and nonmetal tiny impurity in the coolant (oil), they are suitable for grinder, polishing machine and machine tool.

When magnetic impurity in filtering liquid is too much, the two level filtering system can be used by running another magnetic separator, i.e. firstly the separator clean away the most of magnetic impurity, then filtered by paper, that can effectively reduce the consumption of the paper as while as improving the filtering effect.

Magnetic Separators


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