• Flexible magnet
  • C–profile
  • 7 standard dimensions
  • Custom production possible

Magnetic C profile may be used for labelling in warehouses, since they can be moved to different locations time and time again. This way you will be able to avoid time–consuming labelling with adhesive  tapes or fixing metal plates on your warehouse shelves. You can easily replace the labeling card, placed  behind the protective PVC foil, with a new one and thus change the labelling of the shelf.


  • C10 10 x 150 mm
  • C15 15 x 150 mm
  • C20 20 x 150 mm
  • C25 25 x 150 mm
  • C30 30 x 150 mm
  • C40 40 x 150 mm
  • C50 50 x 150 mm
magnetni profili

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