MAGS-2 serie

MAGS-2 (comb type) Series of Magnetic Separator is composed of:

  • Reducer
  • Case
  • Magnetic Roller
  • magnetni valj
  • Scraper

MAGS-2 (comb gear type) Series of Magnetic Separator owns many advantages as improved result of traditional one.

Making the Magnetic Rollers with the same length into comb shape, the adhering area will expanded largely; the magnetic force increasing, having a high rate of separating, which is especially suitable for the centralized separation of coolant with large rate of flow, and can separate pellet-shaped scrapes.

MAGS-2 (comb type) Series of Magnetic Separator is extensively used in all types of common grinding machine, powered painted lines, roller grinding machine, purifying water of rolling steel, bearing grinding line, etc. which all has the circumstance of purifying the cutting and peeling liquid with pellet-shaped impurity.


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