Industrial intelligent manipulators

Industrial Manipulators and Load manual handling solutions.

Design and manufacturing of manual load manual handling solutions that improve safety and ergonomics.

Scaglia Indeva was the first company in the world to apply electronics to the industrial manipulators. Since 1970 they’ve been world leader for the production of INtelligent DEVices for hAndling with our exclusive “INDEVA”.
An INDEVA, now synonymous with evoluted Ergonomic Industrial Manipulator, enables operators to lift and manoeuvre loads naturally, as if it were a human arm extension.
An INDEVA contributes to productivity increase and helps reduce the costs of product damage and minimize work-related injuries. For manual handling of high value products, in handling cycles requiring rapid, repetitive movements, an INDEVA is the safest and most productive lifting device available nowadays, as it gives the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator plus the power of a machine; it is therefore the perfect solution for quick, repetitive motions and slow, precise load placements.

The most complete range of handling devices nowadays on the market.

  • Liftronic®
  • Liftronic® Easy

The electronic handling device range by Scaglia Indeva is today the most complete on the market and it is able to satisfy industry growing demand for higher productivity combined with safety and ergonomics in load manual handling. Scaglia Indeva distinguishes themselves from the other manufacturers of manipulators because of their Intelligent Devices for Handling or INDEVA.

They are an evolution: they are intelligent, electronically controlled manual load handling systems. Scaglia INDEVA offer includes also traditional pneumatic industrial manipulators in order to satisfy particular demands and suit applications in controlled environment with danger of explosion, according to the ATEX Regulations.

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All the manipulators of Liftronic® Series are INDEVAs, cutting edge technology intelligent assist devices.
The manipulators of PN Series are traditional manipulators featuring pneumatic control.

Advantages of Liftronic® INDEVA vs.traditional pneumatic manipulators.

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