MAGHV series

MAGHV series of hydraulic vacuum filter consists of :

  • driving reducer
  • dirty liquid tank
  • vacuum chamber
  • clean liquid tank
  • pump
  • filter paper
  • and electric control system

after dirty liquid flows into dirty liquid tank, pump starts to run, vacuum becomes in chamber, then dirty coolant enters into the vacuum chamber through filter paper, the coolant is cleaned, then transported into the main machine by pump.

Some impurity is absorbed on the paper and some clean liquid is stored in the tank. When the paper is too dirty to use, the signal system will send out commanding, then driving reducer will replace the paper automatically, after that, the machine to next recycle.

MAGHV machine with PLC automatic control system and automatic monitoring system, high filtering efficiency, drains dirt automatically, while winding paper automatically , protects overload functions, they are widely used for purifying the grinding coolant.


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